Japanese 18+ Sign Diecut (2 Options)

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Japanese 18+ Sign Diecut

If you don't know what this is its a sign that you'll see in japan that marks off the "Adult" areas that only allow 18+.

We couldn't find anyone who actually sells this sign/image in japan for store supplies so we decided to make our own!
~Because the owner ALWAYS Lurks in the Doujinshi/Adult sections while in Japan >0<

2 Versions of the Diecut!

Product Details:
-Dimensions L 4" x W 4" (L 10.16cm x W 10.16cm)
-UV Protected
-Water Resistant
-Gloss Finish
~Transfer Paper
-Fan Illustration of General 18+ signage used in Japan
~Vectored Help Assisted @GarretKato

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